What does the Vastu of your home say? Know some common vastu tips for your new home

These days when people look out for their dream houses, they are also considered about the Vastu Shastra of the house. Studies tell that about 90 percent of the homebuyers rely on the Vastu Shastra compliance of the house they are going to buy.

There are numerous Vastu Shastra specialists these days almost all are considered about the fact that their home is perfect as per the Vastu Shastra implications. You can also ensure that the new home you are going to buy or construct possess the correct Vastu. To help you well with the vastu of your new home, in this content we are going to discuss some common vastu tips that can help you to buy a perfect home or get it constructed.

The best Vastu for your home

There are numerous elements which are responsible for making a house perfect. You will have to consider all of these elements in order to make your home Vastu friendly. Listed below are certain Vastu tips for your home:

The Entrance: The entrance is going to be the way for all the energies that enter your home. Therefore you need to know the best direction to set up the entrance at. North and east are always considered to be the best directions for an entrance. East being the direction of sunrise is considered to bring in positive energy into your house. Also, you should avoid any underwater tanks underneath the main entrance of the house. When considering flats, lifts should not face towards your main door. Self-closing doors should be avoided at the entrance.

The kitchen: Kitchen is the center for all the energies in the house. However, the south-east is considered to be an ideal direction for a kitchen. If not south-east then the north-west corner can also be a good option. The sink in the kitchen should be in the north-east corner. The exhaust fan in the kitchen is better placed on the South wall. There should not be any bathrooms below or adjoining the kitchen. Also, your kitchen should never face the door of a toilet.

Bedrooms: Like any other elements in a house, bedroom also has an important role to play. Bedrooms in the north and north-west corners are considered to be the best for couples. On the other hand for unmarried children bedrooms in the east are the best. In case of students, it is really good to have bedrooms in the west. However, you should never have bedrooms in the north-east, and the south-east as this can invite troubles for you.

Toilet: As per Vastu Shastra, toilet is also an essential aspect in your home. Toilets constructed in any direction may lead you to problems. Therefore you should know the correct place for toilets and bathrooms. Toilets are better in the north-west corners of the house or the rooms. The place of worship, kitchen and toilets should not be adjacent to each other. If not possible in the north-west then toilets can be constructed in the south-east corners also.

Considering these Vastu tips, you can ensure good effects for your home.

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