Perfect valuation before putting your house on sale

Selling out your house is something that requires much of your consideration. Everything right from the beginning needs to be set in a perfect way namely pricing, dealing, negotiation, documentation and so on. However pricing of the owned property may get difficult and confusing. You cannot agree for a deal that pays you less neither can you set up extremely high price for the house to be sold. So what exactly to do? In this content we will be discussing some factors and guidelines that hold significance in the pricing decisions for a house. Even when you opt to get help from an agent, there are different pricing policies and techniques that they will follow.

However knowing about the different considerations will let you ensure clarity in the tasks done. Right from day one you will strive to keep things on track, with a view not leaving money on the table. Therefore having knowledge of these factors will let you have a sense of relief.

Factors for pricing your home

When you want everything to be set and work perfectly, you will have to consider certain guidelines. The pricing of house would be the best if you consider the below mentioned points:

Market conditions: Since you have made up a mind to sell your house you would surely have had a look at the real estate conditions. The real estate markets are going to greatly influence the prices of your home for sale. When considering market situations, you should always wait for things to get in your favor. Market conditions are never the same there will continuous changes. Therefore if you choose to sell a property during slowdown you may put yourself to loss. This is because you will need to keep competitive pricing for your house and you may not get the optimum payment for a property with higher expected prices.

Comparison with other sold properties: Having a look at the similar properties that are recently sold will help you have a better insight of the current pricing scenario. This is one of the major ways in which real estate agents make out the appropriate prices for the properties to be sold. Also consider the location of the sold houses you choose for comparison. The area should possess equal population density like yours; only then the comparison would make sense. It is good if the nearby areas are appropriate for the search. However there is no harm in increasing the search radius as per different situations.

Under agreement date of the properties: You cannot compare prices with any random properties. There should be considerable similarity in the features and location of the houses. Similarly the market conditions and the time of sale of a property is also a significant consideration while comparing prices. In most of the cases, homeowners and even real estate agents are known to overlook this aspect. However it is necessary to ensure that the deals were made in similar market conditions. Otherwise you may expect to be paid something that is too high or something that is too less than the actual valuation. You therefore need to lay stress on realizing the difference in the market conditions. This will help you with accurate pricing of your property.

Current properties for sale: You can also prefer looking at similar properties like yours that are listed for sale in the present. This will give you a perfect idea of the current market status and the possible prices for your property. However the only issue is that it may not tell you the final price at which the property is sold. Well, if you try, there will be many sources to get that information out. Anyways, you have to get the clear idea of the situation.

Options other than you: Look around to find if there are similar houses in the market ready for sale. This will help you to create an outlook of the complete situation. If the market seems to be competitive with lots of similar properties listed for sale then you will be required to price accordingly. If the number of properties for sale is less then you can set your prices a little higher and expect better outcomes.

Consider non commissioned prices:  major reason for the hike in prices of properties is the involvement of agent. These agents wait for their commission which will sum up to about 6-7 percent of the total value. Therefore if you have planned to sell your house on your own it would be good to set prices that are slightly lower. You can either choose to set the prices with 1-2 percent higher so that a considerable amount can be paid to the buyer agent for bringing you a better deal. This will work well for you if you are in a hurry to get a buyer for your house. You need to be very smart while setting prices as prices that are too high may not let you get customers as per your desires.

CMA (Comparative Marketing Analysis): Market analysis will always help you to get the best prices for your house. There is no harm if you get the CMA done from three different agents. It will let you have some better results set before. A CMA will probably avail you with potential clients. Experienced agents will not even require stepping in to your locality; they will provide you with a perfect CMA from their office itself. And there are no considerable points that can indicate any limitations of consulting agents for CMA. Therefore if you really feel that you have no idea about the possible deals then it is good to opt for a Comparative Marketing Analysis.

Moreover rather than setting up prices like others did, understand the differences in the situations and make out the best deals. With such clear perspective the above mentioned points can guide you well with knowing the actual price of your house for sale.


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